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A Most Incomprehensible Thing

ISBN 10 : 9780957389465
ISBN 13 : 0957389469

A clear and enjoyable guide to the mathematics of relativity To really understand relativity – one of the cornerstones of modern physics – you have to get to grips with the mat..

A Most Incomprehensible Thing

ISBN 10 : 9780957389458
ISBN 13 : 0957389450

This book is aimed at the enthusiastic general reader who wants to move beyond the maths-lite popularisations in order to tackle the essential mathematics of Einstein's fascinating..

A Most Incomprehensible Thing

ISBN 10 : 9780957389441
ISBN 13 : 0957389442

Synopsis Based on the concept of four-dimensional spacetime - curved in the vicinity of mass-energy, flat in its absence - Einstein's theories of special and general relativity tog..

Tensors Made Easy

ISBN 10 : 9781326230975
ISBN 13 : 1326230972

An informal, semplified introduction to the Maths of General Relativity. (revised edition) No particular mathematical background is required beyond calculus with a little bit of pa..

Mathematics Of Relativity

ISBN 10 : 9780486798226
ISBN 13 : 0486798224

Based on the ideas of Einstein and Minkowski, this concise treatment is derived from the author's many years of teaching the mathematics of relativity at the University of Michigan..

Introduction To Special Relativity

ISBN 10 : 9780486688954
ISBN 13 : 048668895X

Concise, well-written treatment of epochal theory of modern physics covers classical relativity and the relativity postulate, time dilation, the twin paradox, momentum and energy, ..

An Introduction To Modern Cosmology

ISBN 10 : 9781118690253
ISBN 13 : 1118690257

An Introduction to Modern Cosmology Third Edition is an accessible account of modern cosmological ideas. The Big Bang Cosmology is explored, looking at its observational successes ..