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Cooking In Ancient Civilizations

ISBN 10 : 0313332045
ISBN 13 : 9780313332043

Examines cooking as an integral part of Acient civilizations...

Ancient Civilizations

ISBN 10 : 9781317296072
ISBN 13 : 1317296079

Ancient Civilizations offers a comprehensive and straightforward account of the world’s first civilizations and how they were discovered, drawing on many avenues of inquiry inclu..

Early Civilizations

ISBN 10 : 977424365X
ISBN 13 : 9789774243653

"An important scholarly contribution not only to the study of early civilizations, but also to archaeological theory. . . . It should be required reading for any course on ancient ..

Technology And Science In Ancient Civilizations

ISBN 10 : 9780313065231
ISBN 13 : 0313065233

Why did the Greeks excel in geometry, but lag begin the Mesopotamians in arithmetic? How were the great pyramids of Egypt and the Han tombs in China constructed? What did the compl..

Ancient Civilizations

ISBN 10 : 9781578686506
ISBN 13 : 1578686504


Ancient Civilizations Of Africa

ISBN 10 : 9789231017087
ISBN 13 : 923101708X

Deals with the period beginning at the close of the Neolithic era, from around the eighth millennium before our era. This period of some 9,000 years of history has been sub-divided..

Hands On History Ancient Civilizations Activities

ISBN 10 : 9781618137982
ISBN 13 : 1618137980

Making learning fun and interactive builds excitment for your social studies students. This book includes game-formatted activities for the study of Ancient Civilizations such as a..