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Shapes Colours And Patterns

ISBN 10 : 9780007300921
ISBN 13 : 0007300921

A gentle introduction to shapes, colours and patterns for age 3-5 children...

Amazing Animal Shape Shifters

ISBN 10 : 9781474702188
ISBN 13 : 147470218X

Some animals, including frogs and dragonflies, change their body to live in different environments. Others, such as chameleons, change color to blend into the background to hide fr..

Formal Ontology In Information Systems

ISBN 10 : 9051993994
ISBN 13 : 9789051993998

Research on ontology is becoming increasingly widespread in the computer science community. While this term has been rather confined to the philosophical sphere in the past, it is ..

Design Make It

ISBN 10 : 0748760830
ISBN 13 : 9780748760831

This volume was written by a team to classroom teachers and examiners to support pupils as they work through their GCSE course in design and technology. It is intended to guide the..

Nomads At The Crossroads

ISBN 10 : 8182051495
ISBN 13 : 9788182051492

Nomadism as a way of life was a logical, valid and productive mode of existence. Pastoral nomads proved to be resistant to external forces. Their land, culture, lifestyle could not..

Art 7 11

ISBN 10 : 9781134795932
ISBN 13 : 1134795939

Aimed at non-specialist primary teachers, this book offers support for the two attainment targets of the national cuuriculum in art: investigating and making, and knowledge and und..

Designing Modern Britain

ISBN 10 : 9781861894717
ISBN 13 : 1861894716

British culture is marked by indelible icons—red double-decker buses, large oak wardrobes, and the compact sleekness of the Mini. But British industrial and product design have l..