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ISBN 10 : 9187915057
ISBN 13 : 9789187915055

Come join the adventure in Symbaroum, the acclaimed Swedish roleplaying game! Explore the vast Forest of Davokar in the hunt for treasure, lost wisdom and eternal fame. Visit the b..


ISBN 10 : 9187915022
ISBN 13 : 9789187915024


The Copper Crown

ISBN 10 : 0451450507
ISBN 13 : 9780451450500

In the twenty-fourth century, a scout ship from Earth discovers the ancient Keltic empire and, amid treachery, magic, and intrigue, could tip the balance in a power struggle of gal..

Tales From The Loop

ISBN 10 : 1624650392
ISBN 13 : 9781624650390

Simon Stalenhag s Tales from the Loop is a wildly successful crowd-funded project that takes viewers on a surprising sci-fi journey through various country and city landscapes from..

Sigurd S Lament

ISBN 10 : 9781498295239
ISBN 13 : 1498295231

In literature, the advice often given is to show and not tell. In academia, it is the opposite: tell and do not show. Sigurd’s Lament is a text that asks the question, can schola..

The Illuminated Edda

ISBN 10 : 0994024061
ISBN 13 : 9780994024060

A contemporary and accurate translation of the Viking Age Prose and Poetic Eddas, with full color illustrations throughout the book...