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Telecourse Study Guide

ISBN 10 : 9781285087160
ISBN 13 : 128508716X

Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version...

Foundations Of Astronomy Enhanced

ISBN 10 : 9781305957367
ISBN 13 : 1305957369

Fascinating, engaging, and extremely visual, this Enhanced Thirteenth Edition of FOUNDATIONS OF ASTRONOMY brings readers up-to-date on the developments and discoveries in the excit..

Foundations Of Astronomy

ISBN 10 : 9781133103769
ISBN 13 : 1133103766

Fascinating, engaging, and extremely visual, Foundations of Astronomy Twelth Edition emphasizes the scientific method throughout as it guides students to answer two fundamental que..

Voila An Introduction To French Book Only

ISBN 10 : 1428262725
ISBN 13 : 9781428262720

This text is intended for the introductory French course at two and four-year colleges and universities...

Le Souffle Des Feuilles Et Des Promesses

ISBN 10 : 9782749933603
ISBN 13 : 2749933609

Hallie Erminie, issue d'une famille de planteurs du Kentucky, est une jeune femme de caractère. À New York, où elle s'est mis en tête de trouver un éditeur qui publierait son ..

Motifs An Introduction To French

ISBN 10 : 9780495797494
ISBN 13 : 0495797499

With its lively, personalized interaction closely tied to relevant cultural themes and structures, Kimberly Jansma and Margaret Ann Kassen’s MOTIFS: AN INTRODUCTION TO FRENCH, ha..