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The Planets

ISBN 10 : 9781101659489
ISBN 13 : 1101659483

Dava Sobel's The Glass Universe will be available from Viking in December 2016 With her bestsellers Longitude and Galileo's Daughter, Dava Sobel introduced readers to her rare gift..

The Planets Of Our Solar System

ISBN 10 : 9781429662413
ISBN 13 : 1429662417

"Describes the eight planets in our solar system, including the birth of the solar system and the planets' orbits around the Sun"--Provided by publisher...

The Planets

ISBN 10 : 9781429617192
ISBN 13 : 1429617195

"Photographs and simple text introduce the planets in our solar system"--Provided by publisher...

Meet The Planets

ISBN 10 : 9781607188698
ISBN 13 : 1607188694

Presents an introduction to the Solar System and the physical features of the eight planets that revolve around the Sun, in a text that includes learning activities...

The Planets

ISBN 10 : 9781465435736
ISBN 13 : 1465435735

With all-new 3-D digital models, The Planets reveals the solar system from Earth to Mars and beyond in astonishing detail. DK has commissioned a unique model of each planet that ca..

Simplicius On The Planets And Their Motions

ISBN 10 : 9789004227088
ISBN 13 : 9004227083

The book contends that the digression ending Simplicius’ In de caelo 2.12 is not a proper history of early Greek planetary theory, but a creative atempt to show that to accept Pt..

The Planets

ISBN 10 : 1550747169
ISBN 13 : 9781550747164

Answers questions about each of the planets and what it would be like to visit there...