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Pale Blue Dot: A Vision of the Human Future in Space

–The Washington Post Book World (front page review)

In Cosmos, the late astronomer Carl Sagan cast his gaze over the magnificent mystery of the Universe and made it accessible to millions of people around the world. Now in this stunning sequel, Carl Sagan completes his revolutionary journey through space and time.

Future generations will look back on our epoch as the time when the human race finally…

Pale Blue Dot

ISBN 10 : 9780307801012
ISBN 13 : 0307801012

"FASCINATING . . . MEMORABLE . . . REVEALING . . . PERHAPS THE BEST OF CARL SAGAN'S BOOKS." --The Washington Post Book World (front page review) In Cosmos, the late astronomer Carl..

Shadows Of Forgotten Ancestors

ISBN 10 : 0307801039
ISBN 13 : 9780307801036

"Dazzling...A feast. Absorbing and elegantly written, it tells of theorigins of life on earth, describes its variety and charaacter, and culminates in a discussion of human nature ..


ISBN 10 : 9780307800985
ISBN 13 : 0307800989

RETURNING TO TELEVISION AS AN ALL-NEW MINISERIES ON FOX Cosmos is one of the bestselling science books of all time. In clear-eyed prose, Sagan reveals a jewel-like blue world inhab..


ISBN 10 : 9781501172311
ISBN 13 : 150117231X

Pulitzer Prize-winning author and astronomer Carl Sagan imagines the greatest adventure of all—the discovery of an advanced civilization in the depths of space. In December of 19..

Broca S Brain

ISBN 10 : 9780307800992
ISBN 13 : 0307800997

Carl Sagan, writer and scientist, returns from the frontier to tell us about how the world works. In his delightfully down-to-earth style, he explores and explains a mind-boggling ..

The Varieties Of Scientific Experience

ISBN 10 : 1594201072
ISBN 13 : 9781594201073

Sagan sets down his detailed thoughts on the relationship between religion and science and describes his personal search to understand the nature of the sacred in the vastness of t..


ISBN 10 : 9780345412225
ISBN 13 : 0345412222

Documents the history of Halley's Comet and describes, in two hundred photographs and an informative text, the path of the comet and the astronomical details of its existence..

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