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Space Encyclopedia: A Tour of Our Solar System and Beyond (National Geograp…

Presenting the latest exciting findings on space exploration and research and cutting-edge, spectacular views of the universe that technology is bringing back to Earth, all in one ultimate reference book. Authored by David A. Aguilar of the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics, the National Geographic Space Encyclopedia is ideal for the family bookshelf, providing both accessible information for school reports and compelling reading on the mysteries beyond our world.Used Book in Good…

Space Encyclopedia

ISBN 10 : 9781426309489
ISBN 13 : 1426309481

A tour of outer space explores the solar system as well as stars, galaxies, and the birth of planets, and speculates on whether other intelligent beings exist in the universe...

Une Histoire De Tout Ou Presque

ISBN 10 : 9782228915939
ISBN 13 : 2228915939

Posez une question, Bryson y répond dans ce livre qui conjugue avec bonheur science et sourire. Vous y apprendrez par quels hasards, traits de génie, intuitions, déductions, exp..

Seven Wonders Of The Solar System

ISBN 10 : 9780698406919
ISBN 13 : 0698406915

Ready for a wondrous celestial journey? This extraordinary book puts you right there in the middle of our solar system: breaking through colorful gaseous hazes; exploring the surfa..

Star Light Star Bright

ISBN 10 : 9781634401647
ISBN 13 : 1634401646

Have you ever laid on the ground at night looking up at the twinkling stars? Those stars are the millions of planets, moons, suns and space dust that make up the Milky Way Galaxy. ..

All About Spacecraft

ISBN 10 : 9781680484304
ISBN 13 : 1680484303

Through space exploration humans have learned a great deal about the planets, stars, and other objects in space. More than five thousand spacecraft have been launched into space to..

Personal Space Travel

ISBN 10 : 9781634727693
ISBN 13 : 163472769X

Have you ever wanted to visit outer space? Companies such as SpaceX are working to make this dream a reality. With this book, students learn about the past, present, and future of ..

The Secrets Of Mercury

ISBN 10 : 9781491458662
ISBN 13 : 1491458666

"Discusses the planet Mercury, including observations by ancient cultures, current knowledge of Mercury, and plans for future scientific research and space exploration"--..

Totally Wacky Facts About Planets And Stars

ISBN 10 : 9781491465233
ISBN 13 : 1491465239

"Presents at more than 100 facts about planets and stars in a unique layout that appeals to struggling and reluctant readers"--..

Black Holes

ISBN 10 : 9781512438031
ISBN 13 : 1512438030

Black holes are one of the greatest mysteries of outer space. No visible light can escape the strong gravity of a black hole. This makes black holes invisibleand very difficult to ..

Space Junk

ISBN 10 : 9781467788069
ISBN 13 : 1467788066

Scientists have identified at least 100 million pieces of space debris—from paint chips to nonoperational zombie satellites—floating in Earth's orbit. And over 100 tons of thos..

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